install error linux centos7

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Re: install error linux centos7

Post by fsteinmetz »

Dear Binbin,

For more information about how to run the code, you can have a look at section 2.1 of, and also in at the root of the polymer distribution.
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Re: install error linux centos7

Post by lanzhiqishi »

Dear fsteinmetz;

when i run this code' python ./ '/home/bjiang/Sentinel2/ningde20180807/GRANULE/L1C_T50RQQ_A007408_20180807T024116''

get error below, please help me. Thanks



(binbin1) [bjiang@viz3]~/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13% python ./ '/home/bjiang/Sentinel2/ningde20180807/GRANULE/L1C_T50RQQ_A007408_20180807T024116'
Starting processing at 2020-08-04 09:56:38.214733
Initialize MSI projection EPSG:32650
/home/bjiang/.conda/envs/binbin1/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pyproj/crs/ FutureWarning: '+init=<authority>:<code>' syntax is deprecated. '<authority>:<code>' is the preferred initialization method. When making the change, be mindful of axis order changes: ... -in-proj-6
projstring = _prepare_from_string(projparams)
Trying to download ... MI_24h.hdf ...
Cannot open cookies file ‘/home/bjiang/.urs_cookies’: No such file or directory
2020-08-04 09:56:52 URL: ... 2Frestrict [12671] -> "ANCILLARY/METEO/2018/219/N201821900_O3_AURAOMI_24h.hdf.tmp" [1]
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 35, in <module>
Level2(filename=args.output_file, fmt=args.fmt))
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 496, in run_atm_corr
with level2 as l2, level1 as l1:
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 106, in __enter__
self.level1 = L1(self.filename, **self.kwargs)
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 151, in __init__
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 180, in init_ancillary
self.ozone = self.ancillary.get('ozone',
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 242, in get
res = self.find_ozone(date)
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 369, in find_ozone
f1 = self.try_resources(self.ozone_patterns, rolling(t0,, timedelta(days=1)))
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 340, in try_resources
ret =, target)
File "/nfs3-home/bjiang/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13/polymer/", line 306, in download
assert not'<!DOCTYPE html>'), errormsg
AssertionError: Error authenticating to NASA EarthData for downloading ancillary data. Please provide authentication through .netrc. See more information on ... l-and-wget
(binbin1) [bjiang@viz3]~/software/pythondepen/polymer-v4.13%
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