Polymer module

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Polymer module

Post by zwy »

I use polymer on win10 system, but it gives the error message:"ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'polymer.polymer_main'"

I have tried using"polymer_main.pyx" to generate“polymer_main.pyd", but failed.

Can anyone help me? I need a .pyd file.
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Re: Polymer module

Post by fsteinmetz »

As stated in the readme, a part of Polymer source code is coded in cython. You need to convert this source code to c using cython, and then compile this c code to a python module. On linux this is done using Polymer's makefile, but I have not tested it on windows - although, it should be possible.
What have you tried exactly ?
As a workaround, you can also run Polymer in a linux environment inside windows using for example Virtualbox, Docker, or Windows Subsystem for Linux.
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