Polymer for Sentinel-2

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Polymer for Sentinel-2

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Dear Steinmetz,

Thank you for Polymer.
I would like to process S2 images with Polymer using 10 m resolution. However, it takes forever because of the resolution (but I really need to use 10 m resolution). Is it possible to fasten the process defining the needed area of the image (subset, location etc)) or using some other approach (masking etc.).

Thank you
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Re: Polymer for Sentinel-2

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Yes there are three options that you can use to make it faster :

Code: Select all

from polymer.gsw import GSW

	Level1_MSI(name, resolution='10',
		sline=1000, eline=2000, scol=1000,  ecol=2000,  # (1) process only a part of the image (coordinates within the 10980x10980 image because we are at 10m resolution)
		landmask=GSW()  # (2) apply a land mask, otherwise all land is processed (incorrectly)
	multiprocessing=-1,   # (3) use multiple cores of your processor in parallel
Note that there is some documentation about these options in the python docstrings.
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