Auxdata_all for 4.13 on Mac

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Auxdata_all for 4.13 on Mac

Post by GHesketh4 »

I have installed the polymer tar.gz and run the command successfully. However, the next step is to make auxdata_all, and I don't see that in the directory? I get this error when I try to run it from the polymer-v4.13 folder:

(OSI) Gabes-MacBook-Pro:polymer-v4.13 gabe$ make auxdata_all
make: wget: No such file or directory
make: *** [auxdata/generic/LUT.hdf] Error 1

It still makes a blank auxdata directory with common and generic subfolders, but stops after that.

Some previous posts have referenced downloading it from somewhere on the website, if that is the case where could I find it?

Thanks so much!
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Re: Auxdata_all for 4.13 on Mac

Post by fsteinmetz »

Hello Gabe,

The command "make auxdata_all" triggers some commands defined in the file called "Makefile", to actually download some required files.
This download uses the command "wget" which is standard on linux systems. Although I have never tried to make this work on Mac environments, I guess you can install wget using either brew, or conda (see here). Then you should be able to run "make auxdata_all".
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