Smart-G running errors

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Smart-G running errors

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Hi when running Smart-g, i got the error shown at the end of this message after executing the followong lines. I supppose that I am using a different versions of python modules than those you have installed in your server (I am thinkong in another error related to python 'sys' module). How I can solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance ?
Javier Andrey

import os, sys
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.dirname(os.getcwd()))
from smartg.smartg import Smartg, Sensor
from smartg.smartg import RoughSurface, LambSurface, FlatSurface, Environment, Albedo_cst
from smartg.atmosphere import AtmAFGL, AeroOPAC, CloudOPAC, diff1, read_phase
from smartg.water import IOP_1, IOP, IOP_profile
from smartg.reptran import REPTRAN, reduce_reptran
from import SpherIrr, Irr, reduce_Irr
from luts.luts import LUT, MLUT, Idx, merge, read_mlut
from import compare, plot_polar, spectrum , mdesc
from import spectrum_view,transect_view,profile_view,phase_view,smartg_view,input_view
import warnings

import numpy as np
wl = np.linspace(500,600,101)

# run SMART-G
# this simulation uses an AFGL tropical atmosphere without aerosols (and absorption by Ozone and NO2)
# and a wind roughened sea surface
# Reflectance computation in Cone Sampling mode (default)
m = Smartg(device=0).run(THVDEG=30, wl=500., NBPHOTONS=1e9,


TraitError: The 'children' trait of a HBox instance must be a tuple, but a value of class 'dict_values' (i.e. dict_values([Checkbox(value=False, description='I_up (TOA)'), Checkbox(value=False, description='Q_up (TOA)'), Checkbox(value=False, description='U_up (TOA)'), Checkbox(value=False, description='V_up (TOA)'), Checkbox(value=False, description='N_up (TOA)'), Checkbox(value=False, description='cdist_up (TOA)'), Checkbox(value=False, description='direct transmission'), Checkbox(value=False, description='n_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='OD_r'), Checkbox(value=False, description='OD_p'), Checkbox(value=False, description='OD_g'), Checkbox(value=False, description='OD_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='OD_sca_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='OD_abs_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='pmol_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='ssa_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='ssa_p_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='pine_atm'), Checkbox(value=False, description='FQY1_atm')])) was specified.
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